Corporate Fitness

Get Your Staff On The Road To Wellness!

•Let me help you Choose the Best Equipment for Your Company! I’ll personally show you what you need and I’ll also help you find it.

• Fitness Presentation on what actually works for people – We will present a logical fitness protocol that reduces time spent in the gym and increases health benefits. This protocol is unique to our company and has been used successfully for 30 years in our facilities. People have so many questions about what works and what doesn’t. We’ve figured it out and put it in an understandable presentation.

• Nutrition Presentation – We will answer every question and guide each individual employee to the fast track to success. The presentation is the general guide that leads to an individual plan for each participant. Nutrition is so important in reducing health care cost and improving performance so it has to be addressed both logically and practically. The most important fact to remember is “it’s not to be told what to do – it’s to find out what people can do…there’s a big difference in the theory and practice of nutrition”.

jumpstart package

• Individual Workout Design – We start with a general plan and then individualize the plan to make it particular. Each person has unique traits but to find the unique traits you have to start with the general plan. Once that plan is in place individual needs begin to rise up. We identify and address the needs on an individual basis.

• Ongoing 1-2-1 Supervised Workouts – All Fitness and More, Inc. workouts are supervised. We will have it no other way. Research shows people who have individual supervision are more likely to show up and always get better results. This includes the normal person and the highest level athletes. This is where we are different. Just putting a gym in your company and telling people to use it is like putting a garage in your company telling people to change their own oil. Most people don’t know how to use what’s there. We show people exactly what to do.


• Accountability –  Here’s probably the most important aspect of what we do at Fitness and More, Inc. We’ve been able to get over 90% participation in our program! The program we have is the best in the corporate fitness industry! Our reason is our 1-2-1 model. If you just put a general gym in your company the majority of people who use it would use a health club outside of work anyway. Generally the other 70-80% wouldn’t use it. Here’s what we do…we get that 70-80% involved. We do it by treating them as individuals that matter. That’s what makes us unique.

• Weekly Wellness and Fitness Education Emails – Every Monday morning we send our clients wellness and fitness tips. These easy to read emails remind people of the things we’ve taught them. We also include a healthy recipe in each one.

• Motivational Incentive Programs. That’s the best way to get people on the right track. We use incentive programs designed by the company and our staff to get the best results in the shortest time possible.


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