Hybrid High Intensity Training

You provide the GYM and we provide you an exceptional workout!
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How the program works

we know your struggling to put together a fitness routine at the gym

Are you ready to train like us?  The HHIT (Hybrid High Intensity Training) program is designed to give you EXCLUSIVE access to the training programs used by our trainers!  That’s right we’ve included weekly recorded workouts!

save time

We don’t spend hours each week in the gym…
Why should you?

Our workouts are designed to be completed in 15 minutes!

Stop spinning your wheels when we can have a workout designed for you!

proven workouts

There are so many exercise routines out there that it can be challenging to decide which one is the most effective.

Stop spending your time at the gym trying to figure out what to do, our program shows you!

online app

You can take the workouts to the gym with you!   Download the APP after registration and access them on the go!

It’s that EASY! 

YOur Story

We understand that working out in a commercial gym can be overwhelming and not everyone has the ability to attend personal training sessions.   We know it’s hard to navigate the waters and find a fitness routine that is going to get you results.    We have been in your shoes. Our certified trainers supervise over 50,000 1-on-1 workouts a year! Steve McKinney, the lead trainer and owner of Fitness and More, has been in this business for over 20 years. We have taken our proven workouts and bundled them into a program that you can follow along with at YOUR gym!


“Hello, my name is Sam. I work on the river, so I needed a program that would fit into my schedule. When I was on my way to my first appointment with Steve, I had first scarfed down a McDonald’s sandwich… Steve greeted my wife and I and explained the program. When I stepped on the scale reality set in, I weighed 264 pounds. I was committed to making a lifestyle change. Steve set me up with a workout program that took approximately 15 minutes! Wow, it was the best workout I have ever had! With this program, I have a Coach that has helped me lose over 50 pounds!”


I have lost 16 pounds, but gained so much muscle. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. The accountability, support and encouragement that I’ve received since starting your program has been exactly what I needed to make healthy choices. This had to be a lifestyle change for me. I haven’t felt comfortable in my “own skin” in 14 years to wear a 2 piece. I purchased 2 for this summer and have now gained enough confidence to be able to wear them proudly.


how to get started

1. Join our Program

Click JOIN now and sign up for our program to have EXCLUSIVE access to a training program that is used by our TRAINERS!

2. Login and learn

Review the example exercises and then follow along with our EXPERT trainers each week!   A new workout will be unlocked weekly!

3. start training

You’ll be training like us in NO TIME!   Are you ready?

bonus material

  • You’ll gain access to our online community where I’ll post additional tips and tricks of the trade!
  • Insight to my 3-W approach.
  • A Free Introductory Workout at our gym for local clients!
  • Subscription to my e-newsletter with exclusive offers for members only!
  • You’ll REGAIN confidence and STAND OUT!














performance Memberships

Not ready for HHIT?

We know you came to us because you want to look and feel your best! At Fitness and More, we want you to reach your goals! We want to give you access to our FREE Home Isometric Workout Program. This program includes a workout routine, an example diet plan, along with a guided workout program!

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